Belated Ai-Kon Winterfest 2018 Post

Super late post! But I should be happy Im even writing anything at all.

The convention itself was pretty rad. Granted it was only 1 day, I just wanted to experience it and compare how it was compared to say Manitoba Comic Con and C4. Leaps and bounds, my friends. The group who run Ai-Kon I must say did so well organizing everything and I actually saw advertisements everywhere. Even posters on lamp posts in housing areas. So if you hadn’t heard of Ai-Kon Winterfest you had to have literally been walking around with your head in a box. I was already A+ impressed with that. I did have a hard time finding where I was supposed to check in, but thats kind of my fault…. As I arrived SUPER LATE and everything was already busy as fuck. But one of the volunteers was super helpful and walked me to where I needed to be and I was so grateful for that.

After I had managed to set up among the chaos the traffic never really stopped. It was busy from the moment I arrived to when it was time to leave. And I was super OK with that. Again, comparing it to the last time I was in Winnipeg….. NIGHT AND DAY.

I would also like to give gold stars to the Artist Alley coordinator/team/whathaveyous because when I sent an emergency email saying I was going to be late because of stupid reasons they actually received it! And they were completely understanding and responded back. Made me not stress out so much and I really appreciate it.

So…. The reason I was late.

I had arrived and checked in and literally after checking my bag…. My flight got delayed. Super. I figured I would still get there with enough time, so no big deal. And then I was told after 5-10 minutes that it actually wasnt coming at all…. it had been completely cancelled. Leaving me wondering… Wtf. So I got switched to another flight. It looked like I was going to be late still, but I would be finishing my set up by the time the doors opened and thats not a HUGE deal. And then that flight got delayed…. By like 2 hours. So by the time I arrived, the convention was in full swing and by the time I had set up (quite shoddily I must admit), the convention had already been running for about 1.5-2 hours…? Yeah…. Kind of disappointed in that, but there was literally nothing anyone could have done. It was not the conventions fault, the airport check in peoples fault, or mine. It was just shitty shitty luck.

After the convention was over however, I had accidentally booked my flight home on Monday, not Sunday, so I had an extra day to spend in Winnipeg. I figured I would take in some museums, get some food at some little local places, wander around, all that wonderful stuff. But I ended up spending the entire day in bed watching anime.

I WAS WIPED. And it was cold outside. So yeah…. I just slept and watch anime.

I got to go home and made the mistake of watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on the plane and trying not to cry. Next time I’m watching Thor….

 In about 2 and a half weeks I get to float on out to Kelowna for KFX again. 3 days this time! And Im super looking forward to it. Although, I should probably get some more stuff done before then. Would be nice to have some new things to show off!



Its Been A While

Ive already had 2 conventions go by this year and I have yet to make an update here. What can I really say except that I have been busy and updating here has not exactly been top priority.

Plus Im not really certain anyone even reads this.

I will try to make more of an effort going forward. Seeing as I leave tomorrow morning for Ai-Kon in Winnipeg. It will hopefully renew my faith in Winnipeg as not being a disaster city.

I kind of screwed up on my travel arrangements being the amazing person that I am and have given myself an extra day and a half in the city. So hopefully I can get up to some adventures while Im there. It would be nice to be able to update this thing with pictures rather than just blurbs about how awful of a time I had or something.

So fingers are crossed for a better experience!


So…. Its been a bit since the whole ordeal that was C4. But I think I can talk about it now without becoming physically upset.

Lets start off with my arrival to Winnipeg.

As everyone who has followed me for a while knows, I Greyhound pretty much everywhere. Airlines lose my luggage and with all the weight restraints of flying, I just find it less stressful  to take the bus to most of my destinations. And so my bus got in to Winnipeg at about 10pm.

I give the address for the airbnb Im going to be staying to the cab driver and start thinking about how nice a shower and sleep laying down will be. He pulls up to this street and says “It should be right around here” and then almost immediately starts taking my luggage out of the car. So I had to get out. Paid (in cash, because even though the car said they took debit and credit, he was not wanting to accept anything other than cash) and then he took off. Leaving me standing there in the middle of this dimly lit street.

So I look for this house…. And its not there. Seriously. The number for the house I was looking for was no where to be seen. It looked like the numbers jumped right over the house I needed.

And as I tried to text and call the host my phone died before I could get any replies….

So Im standing on this street, with all my luggage, a dead phone, freezing and its super dark.

So after 20 minutes of searching for this place that apparently didnt exist, I grab my luggage and make my way to the busiest, well-lit street I can see. I figure theres gotta be a gas station or something I can warm up in and figure something out. Possibly charge my phone.

But no. Apparently after 10pm in Winnipeg everything locks down. You literally have to talk to someone through a little window box. They dont open the doors. They dont let you in. And they wont help you if youre lost.

So I took a look around and figured the tallest building are downtown. Downtown should mean SOMETHING has to be open. Somewhere I can warm up and charge my phone.

I walked for who knows how long… And there was still nothing open. And no plug ins outside. But then I found a parking lot which I can only guess is for a government building, because it had lots of plug ins. So thats where I decided to plug in and make some quick phone calls.

I had still not heard back from my airbnb host, btw.

Unfortunately not a lot of people could help, or picked up. And I was starting to notice a high number of patrol cars were starting to circle the parking lot…. So I had to unplug and move on.

I tried to hail a cab to see if they could take me to anywhere that was warm and open… but NONE OF THEM WOULD STOP. I kid you not, one even waved at me. Seriously…. I was standing there frantically waving my arms, WITH MY LUGGAGE, and they looked at me and waved.

So I said fuck it and decided I should try to at least keep moving. I had already come to the conclusion that if I had to I could manage to sleep outside somewhere. I was homeless once before, so really, I had some idea of how to manage.

And then something wonderful happened. I was sluggishly dragging my luggage past this one building (at this point, it was past midnight and I had been dragging my suitcases around for 2 hours) and this nice night manager came out and asked me if I was on my way anywhere. I told him what had happened and he told me to come inside, charge my phone and warm up. He also told me that if I could get together a certain amount of money he would give me a discount on a room for the night just so Im not out wandering the cold by myself.

So I made some more phone calls and managed to borrow money so I could get a room. And then I was finally able to shower. And eat (I hadnt eaten in about 20 hours… I get motion sick and cant eat while on the bus). And luckily for me A Clockwork Orange was on the TV so I got to watch that before I fell asleep….

And that was my first night of the C4 disaster.

I spent pretty much the whole first day of C4 trying to find a place to stay. Luckily a good friend got in touch with some amazing people she knew in Winnipeg and they opened their arms and couch to me. Theyre glorious super humans.

And then the second and third day happened….. And as I was no longer distracted with “what am I supposed to do” stuff, I started to notice. There was not a lot of people. Really not a lot of people. And the way they had done the map…. Everything was kind of backwards in comparison to the map. It was super confusing.

About half way through Saturday I decided I didnt really care anymore and just wanted to go home anyway, so I just started to doodle things and not really bother trying to make myself seem friendly. I was 200% done with this journey.

And sure enough, Sunday night was just the cherry on top. My departure time left me enough time to tear down and get to the bus depot and still manage to get through security in time to leave…. BASED ON THE ORIGINAL CONVENTION CLOSING TIME. And as Im about half way done taking things down they announced that we were open for another hour?! I was not informed of this beforehand. And honestly, it wouldnt make any difference at this point. My departure time is set.

But between that cluster of a mess, the lack of attendance, and the whole fiasco that was my arrival into Winnipeg…. I was done. I had such high expectations for this con because I attended last year and earlier this year, but holy shit did it ever let me down.

I cant say whether or not Ill be back to Winnipeg anytime soon. I know Ai-Kon would be nice to attend, if scheduling works out and it doesnt clash with any other cons I have already been booked for. But Im probably still going to have this inner fear of how horrifying this trip was. So I might be swearing off Winnipeg cons for a little while.

I think given the circumstances you can understand why no pictures were taken for this event.

Anyway… Im off. I have to make some more ridiculous shit for next years cons.



Oh Crap

So… I failed you all.

In September I had 3 conventions and I forgot to get pictures and post for every. Single. One.

It was by no means intentional. I was just so wiped out by the end of it all and I still had to report to my part-time gig that I just never got around to it…

Seriously. My brain was 100% fried.

I will try and make it up to you with my next convention. It’ll be my last con of this year, so I’ll try to get plenty of pictures and stories to make you all forgive me.

Until then, please stay well!


HAHA. Animethon post? I guess?

So… I got a little more wrapped up in life and basically stopped trying to keep this thing updated. Summer gets crazy. I apologize. But not really. Cuz its been fun/hectic.

Anyway, before Animethon I had Ganbatte Con in Saskatoon which was super fun and also crazy. I didn’t take any pictures for it and when I tried to find pictures to post from the events page, there wasn’t a whole lot of cosplay photos. So…. I just decided to nix that idea entirely.

Basically I will tell you that it was crazy fun for me. I got to stay with some rad peoples and meet more amazing peoples and I also stayed for the dance thing at the end. It was my first time ever staying for the dance portion of a con, so I of course did not really participate. But it was still pretty fun to chill on the sidelines and listen to some good tunes. It was really a 50/50 of stuff I’d listen to and ‘what the fucking shit is this’ that was played. But over all I had fun! I left feeling happy and exhausted from the whole weekend.

Now for Animethon. This was my first time ever being an artist at Animethon itself. I’ve participated in A Taste of Animethon, which is the smaller con, but not the big one itself. It was a little insane for me at first… because I don’t spend a lot of time in Grant Mac, I got so lost trying to find the artist alley, even with the email map. I’m hopeless. Eventually with some help I found it, set up, and everything was good to go.

The whole weekend was just an amazing blur of people I knew, people I’d just met, and people who had apparently stalked me online and were just now seeing me in the flesh. Which was super cool and made me go “whoa” at the same time. People were going out of their way to see me. Pretty rad.

I, again, stayed for the concert/dance on Saturday. Mostly because I had been internet stalking The Sixth Lie for almost a year and hearing they were coming to Edmonton I was fucking dead set on seeing them live. It was a life goal whether I had to go to Japan or not. So, yeah. Timing all worked out! I also bought pretty much one of everything at their merch table…. Because when I tried to order it online, the website said they didn’t ship out of Japan. I WAS WILLING TO THROW DOWN THE MONEYS FOR SHIPPING BUT NOOOOO. Whatever, I threw down the moneys at the merch table and looked like an obsessive fan. Woot.

I did get super nervous about going into the concert area though…. Long lines freak me out. And the line to get in was, holy shit, so long youd think it was The Rolling Stones playing in there. I panicked and did what I do best and ran outside to throw up behind the building. And the cherry on top…. As I was recovering/near the end of the dry heaving cry fest…. I heard one of the back doors open. I assumed it was staff or whatever, wondering why this strange girl was gasping for air on the curb in the parking lot. But when I looked over…. It was not staff. It was a guest. Maybe about 5 feet away from me, one of the band members I so obsessively stalked was outside doing their thing. And there I was, shaking and gasping for air after just expelling my guts by the dumpster.

It was a magical experience.

Anyway, they went back inside. And then I went to get water, running into one of my friends as I did so. I explained my freak out and they helped me get myself pumped up and into the venue. And then it was just glorious music.

I stayed for Teddy as well. I’d been wanting to see one of his sets for a while, and it was not a disappointment. At all. It was absolutely amazing. I hope to get to see more in the future.

Also staying for Teddys set meaning avoiding the meet and greet/autograph session with TSL, and I didn’t need them recognizing me as “the girl who was dry heaving outside”. That would have been… awkward.


With that said, the links to Animethons galleries will be at the bottom of the photo dump.

Saturdays Gallery
Fridays Gallery
Concert Gallery
Sundays Gallery

And there you have it! It was crazy and fun and I wouldn’t change any of it. Even the throwing up part. It was awkward, but at least I got a story out of it.

It’s time for me to get back to working on some new stuff for Sask Expo. Its still like 3 weeks away, but I want to have a bunch of new stuff for you guys to “ooo” and cringe over.

Take care of yourselves.


Art Walk 2017- Super Late Edition

Whats up?

So last weekend I participated in my second year at the Art Walk down on Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

As is the way things go, there was a scorching heat wave during this weekend. Because, what is an outdoor celebration of art without heat stroke and possible skin cancer. Really.

Speaking of which, check out my awesome/weird sunburn.
It is literally just right there. And only there. The rest of my arm is perfectly fine. The rest of ME is perfectly fine (there might be a slight red spot on my upper back, but eh), its just this spot. How fucking obscure.

Because of my location I couldnt set up the tent I decided to invest in this year…. That was a great choice to make. So I know for next year to pick a better location. One that allows all day coverage provided by my brand new, never got to be used tent. P.S. If anyone would like to have me for an outdoor festival of any sort… I HAVE MY OWN TENT.

Slightly bitter, but moving on.

So the rules of the Art Walk are pretty simple. The majority of your display must be 80% originals, so not prints. Fair enough. Otherwise it would be print artists everywhere. So I had a rather large display…. Because I have a lot of canvas stuff. And I framed my other originals in order to properly display them.

After the first day I rotated my column of grid wall to be on the other side, so as to provide shade for me during the first half of the day. And then the grid wall on the table provided shade for the second half of the day. Not just a hat rack, my friend.

Unfortunately because a lot of stuff was originals, and also original pieces not fan art, the price points were higher and not as many people were willing to throw down the moneys on my weird stuff. Which I totally get. My fan art pieces sold almost instantly though.

I found out I could order pizza to my table on the Ave though. That was pretty rad. And I also found out that a lot of my new stuff scares people. Mostly kids. But still…. High five me.

Also one of the photographers of the Art Walk caught me working on some doodles. Which I thought was pretty nifty.
Its probably one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of me working that wasn’t like a self timer thing from my phone.

I would have tried to dress up more in my usual style but it was FUCKING HOT. So I kept it comfy. Sloppy, but comfy. Kept the goggles though.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to get commissions done now that I have a bit of a break before I head out to Ganbatte Con in Saskatoon. I know I’ve fallen pretty far behind on those thanks to… life…

Honestly, it seems like when one issue has finally been dealt with, 6 more pop up… It’s gotten pretty overwhelming for me. But I’m doing my best to just… not feel like dying. Which is really all I can do. I’m hoping that if no new things pop up, I should be right as rain soon.

Anyway, the paint I was waiting for should be dry now, so I’m gonna get back to work. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in about a week at Ganbatte!


Otafest 2017

Greetings and salutations my humanites.
It’s been a while.

Life has been unfortunately kicking me hard. And it turns out, I bruise pretty easily. But I also lack the ability to know when to quit, so…. here I am.

Lets start this off with all the joy and wonder that is Otafest.

20170702_093704 Ooooo, table full of art stuff.


I also can’t take credit for any of these. I was too busy being a sloth to take cosplay pictures. So all credit for these can go to my dear friend Mr Buttons: Here. I just asked to borrow them for the sake of this blog thing I do when I remember to post.

LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THAT IS. And thats why I took a picture of it.
And that is quite literally it.

Other than that I completely spaced on getting to see PINGAME…. So, I’m just going to kick myself about that a couple more times. I WILL NOT MISS OUT NEXT TIME. And I seriously hope there will be a next time. (*slaps forehead* stupid stupid Arty)

I got to stay with some friends again for the Con, and as always, lots more fun than renting a room. I brought the joy of a fictional boy band movie into their life, and their world is forever changed. For better or worse, we shall see.

And thats a wrap.

Now I’m getting myself prepared because starting tomorrow is the Art Walk on Whyte Ave. I’m going to be using this opportunity to sell off the originals for a lot of pieces. Helps free up some room here in my studio/office. And makes more space for more depressing brain candy…. bleh.

And then after that I get 2 weeks to finally work on those commissions that have stacked up and people have been super patient about. SERIOUSLYYOUGUYSARETHEBEST.

Anyway, I have a few more things to tweak before the long days of this weekend .



My Northern FanCon Experience…

I would like to start off by saying, that Northern FanCon as a convention is absolutely fantastic. The venue was good, the attendees were spectacular, and all the volunteers were wonderful. All in all, as a convention it was amazing!

But unfortunately for me, I had other stuff going on which caused me not to really enjoy myself.

I don’t quite remember whether or not I’ve ever really talked about anything like this, but I’m pretty sure if you’ve been following me for a while it is quite apparent… I tend to deal with a lot of mental baggage. Depression, was a major part of my life for quite a while. Still creeps up on me from time to time, but all in all, not as big an issue as it used to be. Unfortunately I also deal with anxiety and a few other things that cause me to be a bit of a walking train wreck…

Anyway, I had started feeling out of sorts during the Calgary Expo, but because I was on the go that whole weekend, and when I came back, I never really got a chance to deal with it. And then I was off to B.C. for Northern FanCon…

The trip there and Friday seemed fine.

Things didn’t seem too bad until Saturday morning. Things had started to pile up, and my brain was already having a hard enough time dealing with all that (stress, unpleasant texts/emails, being at a new convention, being in an unfamiliar city, general feeling of not being good enough, etc), and then that morning I had gotten some more unkind words via social media site…. So that got added to the pile that was at this point starting to topple. And then someone was nice, and offered me advice…. Unfortunately, my brain didn’t hear it as advice, because the advice also involved critique, and that apparently was the feather on the pile… enough weight to bring everything down.

I spent pretty much all Saturday telling myself that if I waited 7 more hours, 6 more hours, 5 more hours…. I could go back to my room and work it out there. Honestly, though… I wanted to run away. I wanted to find a quiet corner some where and cry until the squeezing pressure in my chest and head was gone.

But I sat, and I smiled. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, but I talked to everyone who came to my table. I made jokes. And I took deep breaths between every encounter. Counting down the hours. Trying to keep myself distracted with phone games and doodles.

I almost made it to the end of the day too. But one of my friends from another booth came to see me, and when they asked if I was ok, they knew I was lying when I said I was. And then they gave me a hug. And it all came out…

I had to go for a walk after that. Eventually calming down enough to make it through the last 30 minutes.

After the con, I walked back to my room… trying to not cry as much, because nothing seems more pathetic than a girl crying all the way “home”. But when I got to my room I definitely let it out…. And then I felt like an idiot for not packing any paint, because I probably could have made a kick ass picture with how I was feeling at that moment.

Sunday was a bit better…. I was mentally exhausted. And physically, at that point as well. I probably looked as drained as I felt. I remember someone who had seen me on Saturday telling me I looked tired on Sunday.

So…. I didn’t get any good pictures for you guys. And I’m sorry…. But thats why. I was so tied up in my own head that pictures and everything like that just didn’t seem important to me.

I’m sorry I let my head stuff get in the way of what I try to keep as a fun blog…. But it still is my blog, so… bleh 😛

Since I have been home I have received numerous kitty cuddles, and have eaten more than enough junk food to qualify me as a glutton. I have also been able to talk with friends and paint and doodle whatever remaining feelings I had about the last 2 weeks… So I am doing better now. I’m not exactly 100%, but I am definitely better than I was before.

I’ll try to make the next post a more interesting one.


Calgary Expo 2017


Whats happening?!

So probably one of the biggest shows of the year has come to a close. And it was quite the adventure for me. I got to meet so many of you awesome folks that for some reason follow my page and encourage me to keep making things. And I got to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long time! All in all it was a whimsical weekend full of awkward moments and warm, fuzzy feelings.


I was actually pretty busy, even though I was initially worried because I was in the Big Four and not the BMO building. I thought no one would want to venture all the way over to the other building just to visit and/or browse. But considering they put Stan Lee and the Toddfather in the Big Four…. I think the traffic between the two buildings was pretty even 😛

I never did get around to seeing either of the two above mentioned idols… Mostly because as I said, I was fairly busy. But I will just be humbled with the knowledge that I spent the entire weekend under the same roof as those two. Which is not something I could have said before.

On Thursday I got the joy and nauseating privilege to do my “Pretending to Adult” panel. Thinking it would be a smallish crowd like last time I was overwhelmed when I saw the line that went around the corner from the door. Needless to say I got pretty nervous… There was some expelling of my lunch. And some violent shaking as I got lead into the panel room. IT WAS A FULL HOUSE. Seriously. It was pretty mind blowing for me. And because of the success, I was asked to do it again next year. Obviously with like, more stuff to talk about…. It would be boring if it was all the same stuff. But thats pretty rad, right? Anyway, I wish I had gotten a shot of the full house, but the only picture I have I pulled off of a site called “The Weal” and it was labeled “Faux Adult”.
Oh yes. The most unflattering picture in the history of ever. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this? Ah, yes. The only photo evidence to show I did the panel and here it is.

Other than the panel, I was chained to my table pretty much the entire convention. But some friends of mine took some really awesome shots of cosplay around the con, so I borrowed a few of their pictures 😛 As is the McFly style. I’ll link my friends FB accounts under the pictures.
These were all taken by my friend Kiba Kowazoe. Who also make awesome chain mail stuffs: MeTlAttire. They have these adorable kitty ears and bell collars that I just LOVE. Seriously. Check them out.

And because I can, here are a few more pictures I found on the Calgary Expo FB page:
I 100% did not take these and found them on the Calgary Expo Page: here

I had so much fun and loved seeing so many amazing cosplayers out and about. I was right by cosplay corner as well and was fan girling over all the amazing peoples that were over there. But of course I didn’t talk to any of them…. you need confidence and stuff for that sort of thing. But I eyed them from afar and hoped they could hear my thoughts. They didn’t. I’ll try again next year.

Other than that I spent most of the time out of con being watched:

And tested my limits to see how many mini-donuts I could possibly fit inside my giant mouth at one time. The limit seemed to be 5. But there will be other conventions and other donuts. The limit will be pushed.

The drive home consisted of me singing loudly and badly to Poison and playing air drums with twizzlers. All in all, the perfect journey home from a pretty spectacular weekend. And of course, when I arrived home I was greeted by my adoring fur-babies. Who immediately inspected every aspect of my luggage.

And thats all there is for now folks!

I get 3 days at home (well, 2 now), and then I’m off to BC for Northern FanCon! Whee! Its a shorter journey than Kelowna, but it should still be pretty fun. I’ve never been to Prince George before, so…. I’m looking forward to it 🙂


Manitoba Comic Con 2017

A little late in posting, but better late than never 😛

So I made the long journey to Winnipeg, Manitoba once again. This time for the Manitoba Comic Con. This event is run by the same people who run C4, so it was still super well organized and I had no issues with finding my table and all that stuff. Super helpful staff and it was in the same building as C4, so I didn’t get lost finding the place 🙂

The convention itself was about 1/4 to maybe 1/3 the size of C4. So, pretty small in comparison to the massiveness that I experienced in October. But they still did their best to load the space with as much interesting stuff as possible. My only beef was that they had live wrestling matches in the hall…. Which were probably super entertaining to some folks, but to the some of us trying to hold conversations with people interested in talking art or fandoms, it made it a little difficult. The wrestling was loud. And it was echoed all throughout the hall. So yeah, that was my only ding on the long list of check marks. Luckily the wrestling only happened like 3 times spaced throughout the day, so it still left lots of quieter times for chatting and stuff.

Surprisingly enough I was super busy! So I didn’t get to snap any pictures myself again… But as is my slacker style, I borrowed some from the C4 facebook page.
Tee hee, its me. Moving on to the others.


You can find all these pictures and more on the C4 Facebook Page. Again. I DON’T OWN THESE. I DIDN’T TAKE THESE. MERELY BORROWED IN ORDER TO MAKE THE BLOG MORE INTERESTING.

Besides the convention itself, I stayed on someones couch. As is how I roll. And didn’t get around to exploring much of Winnipeg itself. I’m hoping come C4 that I can change that. It would be pretty rad to get out and explore the city a little more.

And I don’t have any travel pictures…. because honestly the trip from Alberta to Manitoba is just 20+ hours of flat. Very, very flat. Occasionally I saw a lake or pond. But mostly just flat. Which was great for the trip home because I could sleep and not have to worry about so many twists and turns that I fall off the bus seat!

But now that I am home (all bad news aside, which I will tackle in another blog post), I have been setting myself to work creating some more goodies for the end of this month! If anyone is going to be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, look me up! I have a panel I’ll be doing and of course I’ll have my table there. I’ll probably post more information about everything later on after I get through the majority of all my projects here.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I have quite a number of projects to work on, so I better get on that. Hopefully I can see you guys at the next event 😉