All About Arty


Arty McFly

Young, dumb and addicted to bubble gum.

Growing up in a military town Arty was constantly bored and often doing things to amuse herself that landed her in a world of trouble. Most of the time she ended up grounded. Being stuck in her room with nothing but pencils, paper and books (comics and novels), she soon started whiling away her days with doodles. Mimicking the pages in the comics and soon after mimicking the anime that jump-kicked its way into her heart she started to develop more of an interest in creating her own characters in a comic style that blended the two.

A couple years later her world was once again rocked when she discovered the works of the Pop Art king himself, Andy Warhol. He was the inspiration for her to start taking her work to canvas. And she’s been a Warhol fan girl ever since.

Now making a mixture of pop culture, anime and comic themed paintings and mixed media works, she attempts to rock the world one piece at a time.

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