Art Walk 2017- Super Late Edition

Whats up?

So last weekend I participated in my second year at the Art Walk down on Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

As is the way things go, there was a scorching heat wave during this weekend. Because, what is an outdoor celebration of art without heat stroke and possible skin cancer. Really.

Speaking of which, check out my awesome/weird sunburn.
It is literally just right there. And only there. The rest of my arm is perfectly fine. The rest of ME is perfectly fine (there might be a slight red spot on my upper back, but eh), its just this spot. How fucking obscure.

Because of my location I couldnt set up the tent I decided to invest in this year…. That was a great choice to make. So I know for next year to pick a better location. One that allows all day coverage provided by my brand new, never got to be used tent. P.S. If anyone would like to have me for an outdoor festival of any sort… I HAVE MY OWN TENT.

Slightly bitter, but moving on.

So the rules of the Art Walk are pretty simple. The majority of your display must be 80% originals, so not prints. Fair enough. Otherwise it would be print artists everywhere. So I had a rather large display…. Because I have a lot of canvas stuff. And I framed my other originals in order to properly display them.

After the first day I rotated my column of grid wall to be on the other side, so as to provide shade for me during the first half of the day. And then the grid wall on the table provided shade for the second half of the day. Not just a hat rack, my friend.

Unfortunately because a lot of stuff was originals, and also original pieces not fan art, the price points were higher and not as many people were willing to throw down the moneys on my weird stuff. Which I totally get. My fan art pieces sold almost instantly though.

I found out I could order pizza to my table on the Ave though. That was pretty rad. And I also found out that a lot of my new stuff scares people. Mostly kids. But still…. High five me.

Also one of the photographers of the Art Walk caught me working on some doodles. Which I thought was pretty nifty.
Its probably one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of me working that wasn’t like a self timer thing from my phone.

I would have tried to dress up more in my usual style but it was FUCKING HOT. So I kept it comfy. Sloppy, but comfy. Kept the goggles though.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to get commissions done now that I have a bit of a break before I head out to Ganbatte Con in Saskatoon. I know I’ve fallen pretty far behind on those thanks to… life…

Honestly, it seems like when one issue has finally been dealt with, 6 more pop up… It’s gotten pretty overwhelming for me. But I’m doing my best to just… not feel like dying. Which is really all I can do. I’m hoping that if no new things pop up, I should be right as rain soon.

Anyway, the paint I was waiting for should be dry now, so I’m gonna get back to work. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in about a week at Ganbatte!



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