Otafest 2017

Greetings and salutations my humanites.
It’s been a while.

Life has been unfortunately kicking me hard. And it turns out, I bruise pretty easily. But I also lack the ability to know when to quit, so…. here I am.

Lets start this off with all the joy and wonder that is Otafest.

20170702_093704 Ooooo, table full of art stuff.


I also can’t take credit for any of these. I was too busy being a sloth to take cosplay pictures. So all credit for these can go to my dear friend Mr Buttons: Here. I just asked to borrow them for the sake of this blog thing I do when I remember to post.

LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THAT IS. And thats why I took a picture of it.
And that is quite literally it.

Other than that I completely spaced on getting to see PINGAME…. So, I’m just going to kick myself about that a couple more times. I WILL NOT MISS OUT NEXT TIME. And I seriously hope there will be a next time. (*slaps forehead* stupid stupid Arty)

I got to stay with some friends again for the Con, and as always, lots more fun than renting a room. I brought the joy of a fictional boy band movie into their life, and their world is forever changed. For better or worse, we shall see.

And thats a wrap.

Now I’m getting myself prepared because starting tomorrow is the Art Walk on Whyte Ave. I’m going to be using this opportunity to sell off the originals for a lot of pieces. Helps free up some room here in my studio/office. And makes more space for more depressing brain candy…. bleh.

And then after that I get 2 weeks to finally work on those commissions that have stacked up and people have been super patient about. SERIOUSLYYOUGUYSARETHEBEST.

Anyway, I have a few more things to tweak before the long days of this weekend .




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