Calgary Expo 2017


Whats happening?!

So probably one of the biggest shows of the year has come to a close. And it was quite the adventure for me. I got to meet so many of you awesome folks that for some reason follow my page and encourage me to keep making things. And I got to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long time! All in all it was a whimsical weekend full of awkward moments and warm, fuzzy feelings.


I was actually pretty busy, even though I was initially worried because I was in the Big Four and not the BMO building. I thought no one would want to venture all the way over to the other building just to visit and/or browse. But considering they put Stan Lee and the Toddfather in the Big Four…. I think the traffic between the two buildings was pretty even 😛

I never did get around to seeing either of the two above mentioned idols… Mostly because as I said, I was fairly busy. But I will just be humbled with the knowledge that I spent the entire weekend under the same roof as those two. Which is not something I could have said before.

On Thursday I got the joy and nauseating privilege to do my “Pretending to Adult” panel. Thinking it would be a smallish crowd like last time I was overwhelmed when I saw the line that went around the corner from the door. Needless to say I got pretty nervous… There was some expelling of my lunch. And some violent shaking as I got lead into the panel room. IT WAS A FULL HOUSE. Seriously. It was pretty mind blowing for me. And because of the success, I was asked to do it again next year. Obviously with like, more stuff to talk about…. It would be boring if it was all the same stuff. But thats pretty rad, right? Anyway, I wish I had gotten a shot of the full house, but the only picture I have I pulled off of a site called “The Weal” and it was labeled “Faux Adult”.
Oh yes. The most unflattering picture in the history of ever. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this? Ah, yes. The only photo evidence to show I did the panel and here it is.

Other than the panel, I was chained to my table pretty much the entire convention. But some friends of mine took some really awesome shots of cosplay around the con, so I borrowed a few of their pictures 😛 As is the McFly style. I’ll link my friends FB accounts under the pictures.
These were all taken by my friend Kiba Kowazoe. Who also make awesome chain mail stuffs: MeTlAttire. They have these adorable kitty ears and bell collars that I just LOVE. Seriously. Check them out.

And because I can, here are a few more pictures I found on the Calgary Expo FB page:
I 100% did not take these and found them on the Calgary Expo Page: here

I had so much fun and loved seeing so many amazing cosplayers out and about. I was right by cosplay corner as well and was fan girling over all the amazing peoples that were over there. But of course I didn’t talk to any of them…. you need confidence and stuff for that sort of thing. But I eyed them from afar and hoped they could hear my thoughts. They didn’t. I’ll try again next year.

Other than that I spent most of the time out of con being watched:

And tested my limits to see how many mini-donuts I could possibly fit inside my giant mouth at one time. The limit seemed to be 5. But there will be other conventions and other donuts. The limit will be pushed.

The drive home consisted of me singing loudly and badly to Poison and playing air drums with twizzlers. All in all, the perfect journey home from a pretty spectacular weekend. And of course, when I arrived home I was greeted by my adoring fur-babies. Who immediately inspected every aspect of my luggage.

And thats all there is for now folks!

I get 3 days at home (well, 2 now), and then I’m off to BC for Northern FanCon! Whee! Its a shorter journey than Kelowna, but it should still be pretty fun. I’ve never been to Prince George before, so…. I’m looking forward to it 🙂



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